"It was the most special night," the bride-to-be tells PEOPLE

By Alicia C. Dennis
June 04, 2014 02:15 PM
Courtesy Lauren Scruggs

Lauren Scruggs has always been immune to surprises – until Jason Kennedy came along.

“I’ve always told him, ‘I will know what you are doing,’ ” Scruggs tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “No one has ever been able to surprise me.”

But Scruggs’s beau was determined. Telling her he was heading to New York for work, the E! News host instead went to her Dallas hometown and proposed in front of her family and friends, using electronic candles to spell out the question “Will you marry me?” in the grass below her apartment balcony.

“I had gone out to dinner with my roommate Friday night,” Scruggs explains. “When we got back home, I opened the door and the whole apartment was filled with hundreds of white tulips. There was music on. I was so confused, I had no idea what was happening.”

What was happening would change both their lives.

“I walked onto the balcony and saw the candles,” she says. “He said, ‘I have a question to ask you, can you come down here?’ ”

‘I Think You Should Meet Jason Kennedy’

Scruggs, 25, a fashion blogger and author of the book Still Lolo, met Kennedy, 32, when Giuliana Rancic interviewed her for E! News after her amazing recovery from having walked into a spinning propeller on Dec. 3, 2011.

Not only did Rancic befriend and interview Scruggs, but she also did a little matchmaking.

“She was like, ‘ I think you should meet Jason Kennedy,’ ” says Scruggs. “I didn’t know who he was. But she told me that he had this amazing Bible study in Los Angeles and had great friends. She texted Jason and asked if he was going to be on set. When I was asking Giuliana about places to go hiking, she told me, ‘Just ask Jason places to go. He hikes all the time.’ ”

The two met, and when Kennedy gave Scruggs a written list of good hiking areas in Los Angeles, he included his number on the bottom of it, telling her to let him know if she decided to hike the next day and he might join.

The next day, the couple went hiking with her mom and a friend of Kennedy’s and became friends.

“It was such a fun hike,” Scruggs says. “We had the best conversation. It was funny, because Giuliana was saying, ‘I feel like you two would be so good together.’ And [after meeting him], I thought, ‘I think you might be right.’ ”

Kept Connected

That fateful hike led to the two becoming friends and then dating. Last September, Kennedy told PEOPLE that he and Scruggs were keeping their long-distance relationship going strong. Meet-ups like their August vacation in Mexico last summer also kept the couple connected.

“He is an amazing guy,” Scruggs says. “He is so humble and so loving towards everyone. He truly cares about people.”

Though no definite wedding plans have been “nailed down yet,” Scruggs says she is planning to move from Texas to California, and will be heading to Los Angeles in the next few weeks.

“He is one of the most thoughtful people I know,” Scruggs says of her new fiancé. “His proposal was the most special night – from him thinking about my favorite flower to the people most important to me being there and his whole way of asking. I am so happy.”