"You will come out of this stronger," the breast cancer survivor tells the injured fashion blogger

By Rennie Dyball
January 19, 2012 02:35 PM
BFA/Sipa, Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Shortly after the first photos of Lauren Scruggs since her propeller accident appeared online, the fashion blogger and model received a message from a well-known fan.

“Inspired by you @Lauren Scruggs,” Giuliana Rancic Tweeted on Wednesday evening. “You will come out of this stronger w/more meaning to ur life.”

Rancic can relate to Scruggs (who lost her left eye and left hand after the accident) following her double mastectomy in December.

“Your spirit is inspiring,” Rancic, 37, continued. “Praying for u:)”

“Thanks so much @GuilianaRancic. I really appreciate it,” Scruggs, 23, replied Thursday, adding that she agreed with the E! host’s sentiment about the future after her life-changing injuries.

“I believe your sweet words. Hope you are doing well too :D”

Turns out, the E! host and the blogger have more in common than just their career field and their respective recoveries: Rancic has said she became more religious since battling breast cancer, and Scruggs has written about how her faith is getting her through such a difficult time.

Going to church “never meant as much as it does now,” Rancic said last month.

“We are all so adored by the amazing and powerful Lord,” Scruggs wrote on her blog Jan. 9, “and nothing is greater than walking in His planned-out lives.”

“[Lauren] has been talking, lately, about JOY,” her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, has written on Lauren’s Caring Bridge webpage. “It brings tears to my eyes as she says, ‘This isn’t what I would have chosen, but God knows what He is doing … I am excited to see how I can be used.”