The Gilmore Girls and Parenthood star opens up to Good Housekeeping about her beau, Peter Krause, and her hidden talent
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Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

Not only did Lauren Graham find love with her former Parenthood costar Peter Krause, but she credits the romance to teaching her an important lesson about life.

Graham, 49, starred alongside Krause, 51, on the family drama series from 2010-2015, during which their relationship blossomed and bloomed.

“We couldn’t stop talking. Not about ourselves, but about the world and books and family,” the Talking as Fast as I Can author tells Good Housekeeping in her January 2017 cover issue, which hits newsstands Dec. 13.

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Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

“Once we got together, there was no game play. It was like, You like me, and I like you,” says Graham. “It gave me an understanding of life: This is how things happen, and it’s completely random.”

The actress, who returned to her role of single mom Lorelai Gilmore in the four-part Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, recently opened up to PEOPLE about finally finding love in Hollywood.

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“I mean, he’s really my favorite person to talk to,” she told PEOPLE of Krause, who made a cameo in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life thanks to Graham’s suggestion. “And he always makes me laugh. He’s really, really funny.”

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Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

She added, “It’s hard to explain to people when you have a fancy job like being an actor what is challenging about it. So we just kind of have that shorthand, a shared language, which is helpful.”

Graham, who played Sarah Braverman on the NBC series for six seasons, also tells GH that the inspiration for her book came to her while she was on the set of Parenthood.

“One day in my trailer in Parenthood I looked up and I had the afternoon, and it just kind of occurred as a way to be creative, but not have to be part of any other structure,” Graham says of the idea of being an author, and adds, “It was kind of a revelation that I could just do something on my own and the fact that it has now given me other work is like icing. I just did it for fun.”

As for her hidden talent, Graham says that it’s surprising to many as none of her characters ever partake in it.

“I really like to entertain,” the actress adds. “None of my characters ever cook, so I would think it’s surprising that I actually really like to.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now streaming on Netflix.