"I think it can be a Tuesday. [Love] is an everyday thing," says the reality star about Valentine's Day

By Mark Gray
Updated February 14, 2011 04:00 PM

Lauren Conrad‘s boyfriend Kyle Howard is in the clear for Valentine’s Day.

The former Hills star says she doesn’t need a present and doesn’t really need to do anything special for the romantic holiday, either.

“I’m so not a romantic,” she told PEOPLE Saturday at her belated 25th birthday party at Vegas’s Pure Nightclub. “For me it’s all about the little things that people do.”

For the record, Conrad and her boyfriend have no plans for the big day. In his defense, Howard is “very sweet,” she said in gold, shimmering Farrakhan dress. “I don’t think you need a specific day to celebrate your love for someone. I think it can be a Tuesday. It’s an everyday thing.”

Though not one for romantic gifts, Conrad is a big believer in sentimental or practical presents. Her favorite birthday gift earlier this month was a photo album given to her by a friend, she said. Howard went the practical route, giving her an iPad case. “It was something I needed and it was great.”

Though a recent internet report claimed the duo is secretly engaged, a ring-less Conrad denied the rumor but said things are going “great” between the two of them. She even joked that she’s going to start capitalizing on the rumors.

“I think that’s the fourth time that’s happened,” she said. “I’m gonna start a registry.”