The fashion designer and former reality star's quick thinking surprises radio host Sway Calloway

By Wade Rouse
February 09, 2014 02:00 PM
Bobby Bank/FilmMagic

Lauren Conrad may be a successful fashion designer, but the former reality star proved that modesty and quick thinking are always in style.

In an October 2012 radio interview on Sway in the Morning that has recently resurfaced and gone viral, Conrad was asked by host Sway Calloway to pull a random question from the “mystery sack.”

“What’s your favorite position?” Conrad, now 28, read from the slip of paper.

“CEO,” the Paper Crown designer and bestselling author answered demurely after a brief pause, before flashing a sly smile.

The quick and unexpected response prompted Calloway to yell, “CEO! I like that. Yes. Yes.”

The two then exchanged high-fives.

Although the love life of the former The Hills star has been media fodder for years, Conrad became engaged to law student William Tell in October.

Skip to 6:17 to see the exchange.

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