Laura and George W. Bush Keep in Touch with Their Granddaughter Via iPad

Laura Bush reveals that her daughter Jenna sends her pictures and video of her first grandchild, Mila, every day

Photo: Courtesy Jenna Bush Hager; Inset: Getty

Their family can’t be together on special occasions like Mother’s Day, but thanks to technology, eager grandparents George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, will have no problem staying in touch with daughters, Barbara and Jenna, and Jenna’s 1-year-old daughter, Mila, in New York. They’ll just pull out their iPads.

“We’ll FaceTime with you,” Barbara Pierce Bush, 32, told her mom at the AARP Life@50+ event in Boston on Friday.

“That’s one of the great things about having a phone with a camera on it. I get a picture a day of the baby, and a video a day of the baby,” said Laura, 67, who will be at home in Texas with her husband on Sunday. “And then the week after I’ll be in New York and see the baby then.”

The former president and his wife are so crazy about their first grandchild that Laura said her daughters “have to be careful of being trampled by George and me because we try to get our hands on her.”

She also revealed that the traditional “grandma and grandpa” names didn’t seem right, so she asked her twins to weigh in.

“Barbara and Jenna emailed they think my grandparent name should be ‘Mimi Maxwell,’ ” she told the crowd. “George just wants the baby to call him ‘Sir.’ ”

Naturally the Bush sisters had their own idea.

“Instead of calling him ‘Sir’ we’re calling him ‘Jefe,’ which means ‘Chief’ in Spanish,” Barbara revealed. “Mila is being raised to call her grandfather Jefe, which is cute.”

And while Laura didn’t reveal whether her husband had started painting a portrait of his granddaughter, he isn’t the only one with a new hobby.

“I do yoga,” she said. “I love yoga. And I love to read on my iPad. My vision is not very great, but I can make the font … big.”

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