Daniel Lau and Andrew Tso Take Selfie at 1,135 Feet

The daredevil duo snap photo from fifth tallest building in Hong Kong


Hope you aren’t afraid of heights, because rooftopping photographers Andrew Tso and Daniel Lau are taking you 1, 135 feet into the sky.

The daredevil duo of Lau and Tso are (in)famous for scaling some of the world’s tallest structures to take dizzying photos and … eat bananas, reports PetaPixel. In this towering clip, we find the guys atop The Center, the fifth tallest building in Hong Kong.

The pair uses a selfie stick – a retractable pole modified to hold a camera or smartphone – to give viewers a pick over the edge, down into the bustling city below. It’s a perspective that’s sure to make you feel good about having two feet firmly on the ground.

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