Paris, Prince and Blanket are all dealing with the death of their father differently, the King of Pop's sister says
Credit: Splash News Online

Four months after the death of their father Michael Jackson, his kids Paris, 11, Prince 12, and Blanket, 7, have turned to therapy to cope with their grief, Michael’s sister LaToya Jackson tells London’s Mirror newspaper.

“Prince just doesn’t want to speak about it,” LaToya said. “I do worry about him very much.”

Meanwhile, his sister Paris “thinks and talks about her father all the time. She’s doing very well, writes a lot and she wears his shirts every day,” she said. “They still smell of him and it helps her feel close to him.”

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Michael’s youngest child, Blanket, “is just a very sad, shy little boy,” LaToya said. “He cries – he really does cry. It’s so painful for him. No one can bring his daddy back and it hurts so much. They all go to therapy and I truly hope Prince especially will be able to open up.”

LaToya says the whole family is rallying around to raise the kids the way Michael would have wanted.

The children, who are home schooled, watch no more than two hours of television a day, limited to the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. And in an effort to keep the traditions they shared with their father, a huge Christmas celebration is being planned.

“Paris doesn’t know it but she has all the makings of a star,” says LaToya. “If she wants to go into showbiz I can see that happening. The boys like the idea of directing, which is what Michael wanted to do. Kids are resilient. He gave them so much love and that is helping them.