Hillary Clinton's Latest Emails Reveal She's a Fan of 'The Good Wife' , 'Parks And Rec' – And Skim Milk!

Among the 150 that were deemed classified, were a handful of emails that prove Hillary Clinton is just like us

Photo: Whitney Curtis/Getty

While the release of information from Hillary Clinton‘s emails has certainly been intense, there’s been no shortage of fun tidbits along the way.

On Monday, the fourth – and largest – batch of emails were released. What did we learn? How she takes her tea, that she needs a lesson or two in how to work an iPad and what her favorite television shows are.

“Can you give me times for two TV shows: Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife?” she asked an aide in one of around 7,000 emails.

The emails also reveal that the former Secretary of State prefers skim milk for her tea and requested that communication aide Philippe Reines give her a tutorial on her new iPad.

Aside from more personal habits about the Democratic candidate, it was revealed that about 125 emails in the latest batch were considered classified by the State Department. However, they were not marked as such when they were originally sent or received.

According to ABC, the classified emails were marked “B1” – a code that exempts the documents from the Freedom of Information Act – and underwent heavy editing before they were released online.

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Just over 25 percent of Clinton’s emails have been publicized. The State Department said it hopes to have all of them released by the end of January.

Throughout the investigation, Clinton has been cooperative in the investigation. Recently the FBI examined the security setup on her private emails, soon after which Clinton turned over her private email server to the Justice Department.

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