Late Night Politics

Fresh from his win in Virginia, North Dakota and Washington yesterday, Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush has granted David Letterman’s wish. The Texas governor will appear on CBS’s “Late Show” tonight. (While that happens, Bush’s rival, John McCain, will appear on Letterman’s rival, NBC’s “Tonight” show with Jay Leno. There is also talk that the two candidates will reverse seats and appear on the two talk shows on Monday — with George and Jay, and John and Dave.) In other news of Letterman, CBS network chief Leslie Moonves told Reuters that Dave, who underwent cardiac bypass surgery in January, may return to his “Late Show” chair full-time by late March. Until then, he plans to continue appearing three nights a week — at least until the end of next week. After that, and through much of March, CBS will broadcast the NCAA college basketball tournament in the “Late Show” timeslot.

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