Could another “ER” doc be leaving? In the wake of George Clooney’s departure from the highly rated NBC drama series last week, co-star Eriq LaSalle — who plays the moody Dr. Peter Benton — may consider letting his current one-year contract play out without renewing it, according to a press conference the actor held Friday. Would he actually leave “ER”? “It’s something he wants to consider,” said LaSalle’s agent, Steve Spignese. “He’s been very careful not to announce any plans whatsoever.”

  • George Clooney’s departure from “ER” scored high in the ratings. An estimated 36 million viewers caught last Thursday’s episode, a hike of nearly 15% above the average “ER”-watching audience. It was the highest-rated “ER” episode since the special live show in September 1997.
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