Larry Miller Recovers from Life-Threatening Brain Injury

"He's lucky to be alive," his rep tells PEOPLE of the veteran character who was injured in a fall

Photo: Flynet

Larry Miller – a familiar face from his appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, The Nutty Professor and several Garry Marshall-directed movies (Princess Diaries, Runaway Bride, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve) – has recovered from a life-threatening brain injury.

The actor, 58, fell and hit his head last April. He had just finished a podcast with comedian Adam Carolla when he lost his footing and hit the back of his head on a sidewalk.

His spokesman now reveals that Miller, a married father of two, had gone into a coma and was then put on life support at UCLA Medical Center for one month.

“He was hovering between life and death,” says his spokesman, Michael Hansen. “It’s a miracle he woke up. … He’s lucky to be alive.”

After Miller regained consciousness, he began a long recovery process to re-master basic cognitive functions.

“He had to work on some issues regarding brain connectivity,” says Hansen.

Now expected to make a full recovery, Miller is back at work on his podcast series, This Week with Larry Miller, which resumes Jan. 9.

“I’m very thankful to have recovered from a traumatic brain injury so quickly,” Miller tells PEOPLE.

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