"Almost everyone who ever walked through our door was someone I saw wet and naked before," she wrote

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated June 01, 2016 10:00 PM
Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Larry Hagman was a larger-than-life personality on-screen and fans can now learn that the Dallas actor also had an extraordinary life off-screen.

In her new book, The Eternal Party: Understanding My Dad, Larry Hagman, the TV Star America Loved to Hate, Hagman’s daughter Kristina recalls her unusual upbringing that was filled with wild parties hosted by her famous father at his Malibu, California home.

“Almost everyone who ever walked through our door was someone I saw wet and naked before they left our house,” Kristina, 58, describes in the tell-all.

Though Hagman was married to wife Maj Axelsson for nearly 58 years, the I Dream of Jeannie star had multiple partners throughout the years. Kristina would later learn just how many there were when the many women attended Hagman’s funeral.

In November 2012, Hagman died of complications from stage 2 throat cancer. He was 81.

“Dad had lovers like this – people we all knew, people who were a part of our lives who regularly had dinner with family but were also his special intimate friends,” Kristina writes.

Not only did Hagman and his female friends often party in the hot tub, but Kristina and her brother Preston would also tag along as well. “Getting naked into the jacuzzi with my parents and my brother, Preston was a slice of our everyday life,” she says.

However as Kristina got older, her father’s parties would not quit.

“People roamed around the house at all times of the day and night, and as I approached puberty, I learned to tell drunk and stoned men of every kind to get out of my room,” she remembers. “These were the people who failed to recognize that being naked in our jacuzzi did not give them a license to have sex with everyone they laid their eyes on.”