He remains friendly with Howard K. Stern, but tells Virgie Arthur to "hit the road"

By Nicholas White and Jed Dreben
Updated September 18, 2007 08:00 AM
St. Clair/Winslow/Splash News Online

A week after daughter Danielynn celebrated her first birthday, Larry Birkhead is cleansing their lives of people with bad intentions, including the late Anna Nicole Smith‘s mother Virgie Arthur.

“Life is too short, this story has taught me,” Birkhead, 34, told PEOPLE at Sunday’s TV Guide post-Emmys party in Hollywood. “I have no plans to fight. I’d just like to be positive for my daughter.”

Birkhead says about Arthur, who is Danielynn’s grandmother, “She says she wants to be a grandma, but grandmas bake cookies, not fake lawsuits. I’d like everybody that shows good intentions to be a part of my baby’s life. I think that’s the only way to do it. If you show me anything less than the best intentions, then hit the road.”

Birkhead adds, “I’ve had to make a few of those calls, unfortunately. She was one of the ones on the list.”

Proven by a DNA test to be Danielynn’s father, Birkhead is still reportedly engaged in a custody dispute with Arthur over Danielynn.

Meanwhile, Birkhead has found an ally in Howard K. Stern, who was also battling Birkhead for custody earlier this year.

“It’s a working relationship,” Birkhead tells PEOPLE of Stern. “People can scratch their heads at it, because I do, too. Chances are, if Anna were alive today, things would be different for us. Howard was a part of her life, so you just have to pick up where you can.”

Birkhead explains, “Every once in a while, if there’s business as it pertains to the estate or whatever, then I’ll speak to [Stern]. But other than that, I’m my own person, my own ship, and I don’t really answer to anybody else except myself.”

On a less stormy front, Birkhead, who is single, tells PEOPLE he is enjoying fatherhood.

“I have to sing songs everyday with my daughter,” Birkhead says. “I’m the worst singer, but she makes me sing lullabies. I’m getting a little better. I do my own remix of the nursery rhymes … I forget the words, but I do my best.”

Birkhead says he’s doing the dirty work, too: “Tomorrow is the one-year shots at the doctor. It’s a little scary for dad, because dad doesn’t like needles, and he doesn’t like to see the baby cry.”

He is adjusting to life as a dad, saying he’s become an expert at diaper duty finding new teeth coming in “overnight.”

“I m winning all kinds of speed rounds. I m really good. I can get in and out in a matter of no time. And she s doing great. And she s got her seventh tooth coming in,” Birkhead added at another soiree, the ET/PEOPLE party.

The former paparazzo has been mulling a reality TV show. Birkhead says of the prospect: “I have a journalism background and photography background, so that’s always exciting to explore my options in that arena. We’ll see what happens.”

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