Lara Abdallat works with Ghost Security, a group that specializes in disrupting ISIS's deep web presence

By Alex Heigl
Updated July 23, 2015 01:00 PM

You might not have heard of Ghost Security, but depending on how familiar you are with beauty pageants in the Middle East, you might have heard of Lara Abdallat. Abdallat was Miss Jordan 2010 and first runner-up to Miss Arab 2011, though her career has taken a bit of a left turn since then.

Abdallat is currently working with Ghost Security, a “hacktivist” group tenuously connected with hacker group Anonymous. Her work with the group includes trawling the “Deep Web” and “Darknet” – parts of the Internet not indexed by or otherwise hidden from search engines – for activity by the Islamic State.

“It got really sick for me to open the news every day in the morning and see thousands of people killed, and it was getting frustrating,” Abdallat told MIC. Abdallat, whose father is Jordanian and whose mothers is Turkish-Syrian, is the only Muslim member of the organization, and she wants to protect her religion’s image from the damage ISIS is doing.

Ghost Security works to eliminate ISIS’s online presence with the hope of jamming their recruitment and organizational networks. “We’re locating a lot of the Islamic State’s websites and Facebook or Twitter or blogs. We can locate and target [them], and we work on closing them down because they share terroristic information,” Abdallat said, adding that the group shares information with the FBI and CIA whenever they can.

“It’s about saving lives,” Abdallat said of her work. “I don’t care if they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist. I don’t care. I don’t care what skin color you are. It’s about protecting people.”