Meet Alt-Pop Electronic Band LANY

"It's so amazing to get support from anyone at this point," says lead vocalist Paul Klein

Photo: Zedek Chan

It’s time to put your go-to playlist, with the same ol’ songs, to rest.

Enter LANY (pronounced LAY-NEE), the alt-pop electronic band consisting of three members: Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss.

The dynamic trio – who often describe their sound as “dream pop meets R&B” – began making musical magic in a Nashville bedroom.

But what started off as a casual jam session at home quickly turned into a whirlwind of fan recognition and surprising celebrity supporters.

“A lot has changed and things are definitely moving fast,” lead vocalist, Paul Klein, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We’re all really grounded though, so I think we’ll be all right.”

Though the three pals come from different musical backgrounds and have diverse tastes in music, their collaboration has been smooth sailing.

They initially uploaded their music to a SoundCloud account with zero followers (they now have more than 10,000), and “with our first two tracks, we knew we loved them, but we weren’t sure if anyone else would,” says Klein. “Not that we didn’t take ourselves seriously, but Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were our profile image on SoundCloud and Twitter for, like, the first three months.”

The band will be performing at Lollapalooza, a music festival featuring artists such as Paul McCartney, Sam Smith and Metallica, this year in Chicago.

“It’s absolutely insane,” Klein says. “Just to be on a list with some of those names is wild.”

They’re also soaking up support from other famous faces, like like actress Ashley Benson, who caught a LANY performance at The Sayers Club during Grammy week.

“It’s so amazing to get support from anyone at this point,” Klein says. “The fact that our friends, some who have millions of fans, will Tweet about us or come to our shows is the coolest thing ever.”

LANY’s newest song, “4EVER!” is now available (listen above). The band’s EP, i loved you., is available for preorder and will be released June 9.

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