May 11, 2015 03:25 PM

Sunday was a rough day for Young Killa.

Lane Wisdom (“Young Killa” is his Twitter handle) was exploring the flooded area around Duck Creek Road in Sanger, Texas, in his truck with a friend when the creek’s waters overran its banks and submerged most of the teen’s truck. He and his friend climbed to the top of the truck’s cab and waited.

A water-based rescue was attempted first, but it was abandoned when it was deemed too risky, according to local ABC affiliate WFAA.

What really elevates this story is the steady stream of Tweets Wisdom was releasing while on the roof of his truck: One read simply, “Tweeting live from my roof go look on the news I’m f—ed.”

Eventually, Wisdom and his friend were rescued via helicopter.

Wisdom was okay, but pretty upset – understandably – about his truck. (Referred to as “Vortex Express” on social media.)

And he left the ordeal with one piece of very important wisdom.

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