The former Prison Break star, who pleaded guilty, is expected to be paroled by next month

Lane Garrison leaves prison in the next few weeks having settled litigation filed by the victims of the crash of a car driven by the intoxicated actor.

While no settlement amounts were released, the lawsuit brought by the parents of 17-year-old Beverly Hills High School student Vahagn Setian, who was killed in the 2006 accident, sought damages from the former Prison Break star for wrongful death and gross negligence. The action filed by injured passenger Michelle Ohana, who was 15 at the time, sought payment for medical bills, lost wages and home nursing care.

Garrison is currently in state prison finishing up a 40-month sentence for vehicular manslaughter. A spokesman for California Department of Corrections tells PEOPLE that Garrison is expected to be paroled in the next “few weeks.”

The spokesman declined to discuss Garrison’s plans, but similar parolees are generally released into community residential facilities and assigned to a parole officer somewhere in the state. For safety reasons, the corrections department does not disclose inmate release dates or the location of the residential facilities they are assigned to in a community.

Garrison began serving his sentence on Nov. 20, 2007, after pleading guilty. He is entitled to be released from his three-year, four-month sentence by earning good behavior credits behind bars, where he is working as a peer mentor for other inmates.