By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated September 25, 2003 03:01 PM

A Malibu homeowner is accusing Warner Bros. Television of trashing his residence while shooting the fourth season of the ABC hit “The Bachelor,” reports the Associated Press.

Attorney Kenneth Chyten said his family agreed in June to rent their 7,000-sq.-ft. home to Warners (which, like PEOPLE, is part of Time Warner) for a month at the rate of $45,000. The home sits on 1.5 acres and offers panoramic views of the ocean, mountains, a valley and a waterfall.

When they returned, said Chyten, they found cigarette butts, fast-food wrappers, holes in the walls, a rodent and poisonous spider infestation, discarded feminine hygiene products, and other assorted damage and trash, says the news service.

“They trashed the house completely, in my opinion,” Chyten said Wednesday.

Not surprisingly, a lawsuit has been filed. Chyten seeks $5 million in damages and tells AP that the mess could not have come at a worse time, as he and his wife have twin toddlers and are now expecting twins.

Warner Bros. spokesman Scott Rowe said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

Chyten adds that he’s never seen “The Bachelor,” nor does he intend to.

“If I watch it this year it’ll just be for the interest of seeing the house,” he said. “The idea of watching the show is somewhat distasteful.”

The new season of “The Bachelor” debuted Wednesday night. Bob Guirney, a losing contestant from last season’s “The Bachelorette,” is now the most desirable bachelor in America — or so the show claims.