February 21, 2002 01:00 AM

Forget those earlier reports. Lance Bass of ‘N Sync isn’t going anywhere near outer space. “It is as if I said I had bought Australia,” Sergei Gorbunov, a spokesman for the Russian space agency, told Reuters on Thursday, adding that there is absolutely no agreement between MirCorp and his agency, Rosaviakosmos, let alone with Bass. “MirCorp has no right to sell these flights. They have no link to Rosaviakosmos,” he said. On Thursday morning, the world was atwitter with the news that, for $25 million passage, the Amsterdam-based space travel company MirCorp, was trying to book Bass, 22, aboard a mission due to blast off in November. In a statement, Bass said he was “completely overwhelmed (but) looking forward to completing this lifelong dream,” the Associated Press reported. On Wednesday, the independent production company Destiny Productions and agents for Bass had told Reuters they were seeking sponsors to purchase the right to film the teen idol in space — possibly singing some songs — for a TV special with the working title “Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass.” “It is a money deal. You got the money, you get the flight,” Destiny Productions president David Krieff told the news service. “We are not saying it is an absolute, but it looks very, very good. We are pretty far advanced in talks with some sponsors. We have already raised half the capital necessary to do it.” Better to bank it. Stressed Gorbunov: “We are not a shop selling flights. There is a hard preparation process, and it is not just about coming up and buying a flight. And I’m not even talking about the agreements it is necessary to reach with our partners.”

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