By Monica Rizzo
Updated March 10, 2005 06:00 AM

It was another glitzy night out for cycling champ and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and his rock-star girlfriend Sheryl Crow. At Saks Fifth Avenue’s Unforgettable Evening, benefitting EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund in Beverly Hills, Armstrong was presented with the group’s 2005 Courage Award, while Crow crooned for the crowd – which included Robin Williams, Courteney Cox and Tom Hanks. All told, the cancer benefit raised $1.8 million. Armstrong, 33, and Crow, 43, who have been dating about a year, also took time to talk to PEOPLE about party-hopping for a good cause and Lance’s singing skills.

Lance, You’ve been out to a lot of Hollywood events recently. Have all of these decadent parties made you soft?
Lance: (Laughs) No. Everybody’s diet slips every now and again. You just try to get rest and not worry about it.

Your Live Strong wristbands are a phenomenal success. How many have you sold?
Lance: I think it’s around 36 million.

You’ve survived cancer. Do you get nervous that the disease will come back?
Lance: Even today, eight years later, I still have fear that I’m getting sick again… I go to the doctor, get a simple blood test, and they know immediately if I’m relapsing and that’s the key to success. I know how I’m doing.

You have done so much for cancer victims and research. This award must be very special to you.
Lance: Cancer is the number one killer in America and people forget that. As a father of two daughters and a son, with the current odds it’s inevitable that one of my children will have cancer and that’s not acceptable. It’s truly an honor to … accept an award for courage.

Sheryl, do you bike?
Sheryl: When I met Lance over a year ago, one of the first things he did is get me a bike. I ride in Beverly Hills, then go get a Double-Double (burger) at In-N-Out.

Sheryl, what do you love about Lance?
Sheryl: He’s the best person I’ve ever known. He’s inspired and he’s inspiring. He’s soulful and he’s my best friend.

Lance, do you sing to Sheryl?
Lance: Well…
Sheryl: Yes, he does! He knows more songs than I do!