The former 'N Sync singer says that's the one call he's still waiting for

By Alyssa Shelasky and Tim Nudd
Updated October 24, 2007 11:55 AM
Evan Agostini; Charles Harris/AdMedia

Lance Bass is reveling in the attention he’s getting from his new memoir, but the former ‘N Sync star says there’s one person in particular who’s playing hard to get.

“No calls from Ellen [DeGeneres],” Bass told PEOPLE at his book launch party at the Azza restaurant in New York Tuesday. “She won’t even have me on her show!”

Bass, 28, thinks it might be a political thing between the talk shows, but he still wants to feel the love. “Like if I do The View, I can’t do Ellen,” he says. “But any attention from Ellen would be great. I freaking love her. I’d love to be on her show.”

(Despite his longing for Ellen’s affection, Bass insists he still loved doing The View.)

Bass’s new tell-all book, Out of Sync: A Memoir, hit stores on Tuesday. It chronicles his childhood, the rise and fall of ‘N Sync, his attempts to become an astronaut and his internal struggle while in the band about whether to reveal that he is gay.

Much has been made of Bass’s revelation that he came out to Britney Spears long before he did so publicly. But Bass tells PEOPLE he didn’t see that as such a big deal.

“For me, since I lived it, the Britney stuff wasn’t so major, but it’s hard to read what people will be interested in,” he says.

Asked about his romantic life nowadays, Bass tells PEOPLE he’s approaching the dating scene with an open mind.

“I’m just interested in meeting anyone, whoever,” he says. “I’ve never been able to really date before, and I’m just dating right now. There’s someone I’m kinda seeing, but it’s nothing I’m going to go public with, because that’s like the kiss of death. You live and learn, you know?”