The 'NSYNC star and Michael Turchin got engaged over the weekend in New Orleans

By Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
September 03, 2013 07:30 AM
Credit: Jim Smeal


Despite the complexities of staging an out-of-town proposal, Lance Bass managed to keep the secret from Michael Turchin, who is now his fiancé.

“I had no idea,” Turchin said of the proposal during Bass’s Sirius XM show Dirty Pop with Lance Bass on Sunday.

The former ‘NSYNC member, 34, said that to maintain the surprise, he knew he had to keep it from Turchin’s parents and twin sister until just before the event.

“I knew I couldn’t tell them too early because I knew his sister would probably leak it … you know twins, they [have] that telepathic [connection].”

Bass decided to pop the big question in the Big Easy, which Bass called his “favorite city in the world.”

“I was born just across the border here [in Laurel, Miss.,] and … Turkey [Turchin] also has roots here.”

The couple and friends from Los Angeles and his native Mississippi celebrated their engagement at a New Orleans karaoke bar called Cat’s Meow.

Bass said that he and Turchin are in no rush to wed. “We are just going to enjoy the engagement. We’re not getting married anytime soon. We are just going to enjoy this moment. We will not get married this year – it will probably be next year.”

Despite his best efforts to stay in the moment, Bass can’t help but picture a bright future. “He is going to be a great husband and the best thing is … he is going to be such a great dad.”