Dating in the public eye "puts too much strain on a relationship," he says

If Lance Armstrong learned one thing from his high profile engagement to – and split from – Sheryl Crow, it’s this: He should keep his private life private.

“We are not going to talk about whoever is involved or whoever is in my life,” the seven-time Tour de France winner tells the Associated Press. “If somebody takes a picture they can put two and two together.”

Since Armstrong, 35, and Crow, 45, ended their two-year relationship in February 2006, the athlete hasn’t been linked to any particular women, although he did develop a close friendship with Matthew McConaughey. (On the ensuing gay rumors, the actor joked to Details in October: “We tried it. Wasn’t for us.”)

Dating in the public eye is “so hard,” Armstrong tells the AP. “It puts too much strain and unrealistic expectations on a relationship when you put it out there. It’s tough when you love somebody and you want to be with them, you want to talk about them. It’s not easy, but I think it is by and large better not to talk about it.”

Armstrong, a testicular cancer survivor, gave the interview on Monday during a break from a meeting of the President’s Cancer Panel focusing on tobacco research.

He also said he plans to run in the New York City Marathon again this year. He competed in the race for the first time in November, and later called it “the hardest physical thing I have ever done.”