Armstrong is mum when grilled about his budding romance with Hudson

By People Staff
Updated June 17, 2008 02:10 PM

Kate Hudson wouldn’t spill anything about her budding romance with Lance Armstrong to the ladies of The View last week – and the athlete kept his lips sealed when he visited the show as well.

During an appearance Tuesday, Armstrong playfully dodged Barbara Walters’s question about his relationship with the actress, saying, “I know you have to ask that question . . . and it’s my right not to answer it.” Still, he indulged them a little, explaining that he knows why everyone is curious. “When you’re happy about something or proud about something, it’s natural and human nature to talk about it,” Armstrong said, citing an example: “If you don’t eat two bags of potato chips everyday, you’re proud of it.” But when pressed again, he demurred, telling Joy Behar, “No, I’m not going to answer [the question.]

Instead, Armstrong and Hudson are letting their public actions speak volumes. On Sunday the pair took their respective children out for a Father’s Day brunch at Frankie’s Spuntino in Brooklyn. Earlier in the weekend, they were spotted in Toronto.
Brian Orloff