Lance Armstrong Calls Injury Worse Than First Thought

"We don't know how my recovery will go," says the cyclist, who broke his collarbone

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A subdued Lance Armstrong sat in front of an X-ray image of his shattered collarbone, which is being held together by a metal plate and 12 screws, and wondered aloud about his uncertain future.

“In almost 20 years of pro cycling I’ve very rarely had crashes,” he says in a video message on “I’ve been very lucky and very blessed when it comes to that. For this to happen now is a new experience for me.”

The seven-time Tour de France champ, 37, who came out of retirement in July, smashed his clavicle Monday in a pileup with other rides during a race in Spain. The injury creates a big hurdle in his bid to win an eighth Tour de France.

“Initially we thought this was a simple fracture,” he says on the video. “When we came home we took additional X-rays, additional CT scans and realized the collarbone was actually in a quite a few pieces.”

Doctors have said that Armstrong could be back on his bike within a week, but that he’ll have to take his training slowly. “We don’t know how my recovery will go,” says Armstrong, “and we’ll just take it day by day and ultimately get back on the bike and sort things out.”

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