December 13, 2016 08:39 AM

New details about Lamar Odom‘s rehabilitation reveal his current state of mind.

“[Lamar]’s being very adult and mature and just wants to be a great father and brother, a better friend,” a source close to the former NBA player tells PEOPLE.

“He drove himself, it was his idea,” the insider explains about Odom’s decision to seek treatment. “He’s going to be gone during the holidays, which is when people have relapses and problems.”

Adding, “The goal is for him to be inside during Christmas and New Years. Crazy things happen during those times. There’s been amazing reports from the doctors thus far. He’s doing extraordinary well, he’s in great spirits.”

In October 2015, Odom suffered a near-fatal overdose and was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel. PEOPLE confirmed that cocaine and opiates were in his system when he was admitted for emergency treatment and lapsed into a four-day coma at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

Months later in summer 2016, he was often spotted out at bars and strip clubs while spending time back home in New York City.


But these days, Odom has since returned to Los Angeles, where he’s maintained a relatively low profile.

“He was functioning perfectly fine,” the same source describes to PEOPLE about Odom’s health before rehab. “It’s a sickness, a medical issue. But now he’s finally taking a proactive approach to it. He’s not in the danger zone now.”

During treatment, Odom “does not have any access to internet or TV,” and it appears his primary goal is to get better.

“The guy nearly died. I think he feels blessed to be alive,” the source tells PEOPLE. “His kids were very supportive and the core people in his life know and were supportive. His true friends like Kobe [Bryant] and these guys have gotten behind him and given him some encouragement to be better and do better.”

While he is in rehab, Odom’s protracted divorce from estranged ex-wife Khloé Kardashian will officially be legally finalized.

“[Lamar] and Khloé seem to be very good at being gracious so she may say she’s praying for him or something, but she was not part of this [rehab] decision,” says the source, explaining that “[her] family was not part of this.”

Fans and supporters of Odom may soon be able to learn more about his recovery from his point of view.

“He’s actually writing while he’s away, he’s doing a lot of writing in there. There’s a book offer on the table,” the insider concludes. “But part of the deal was that he’s going to get in good shape. Everyone’s been so supportive.”

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