How to Recover From a Bachelorette Party, Lady Gaga-Style

Mother Monster shares her hangover cures after a wild bachelorette weekend

Photo: Joshua Blanchard/Getty

After a weekend of drinking, pole-dancing, playing with blow-up dolls and being surrounding by all-phallic-everything, Lady Gaga is back to work.

The singer, 28, spent the weekend in New York City, going on a bachelorette bender for her bride-to-be best friend Ari, who went to high school with star at Convent of the Sacred Heart.

After a wild weekend on the town Gaga decided to share her go-to hangover cures on Sunday. Take notes, little monsters.

“Time for a green juice I still think health drinks taste like feet,” Gaga wrote Sunday. Bottoms up!

Sweat It Out
“Time to tell last night’s pizza whose boss,” Gaga wrote of her Bikram yoga session with Tricia Donegan.

Now Get to Work, B—-
The singer took cues from her fellow pop star, Britney Spears: She suited up and got back to work, shortly after she complained of waking up “still drunk.”

“Nothing like some vintage Alaia and a beautiful blazer for business meetings,” she wrote.

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