Ladies of Comic-Con Reveal Their Favorite Festival Moments

Kristen Stewart, Audrina Patridge, Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Bell and more rate everything from fan moments to costumes

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It’s official: Ladies love getting their geek on at Comic-Con.

Even though it’s been perceived in the past as a “fanboys only” festival, some of Hollywood’s hottest actresses are embracing it as their own as they meet their most passionate audience. Some even want to sneak around in costume!

New Moon star Kristen Stewart – this year’s “Con Queen” – had several thousand devoted Twilighters flocking to San Diego to catch a sneak peak of her film’s footage and see her and her costars.

“This is definitely a high,” said Stewart. “It’s a little overwhelming to have so many people here, but I guess that’s a good thing. Just judging from past experiences – when I show up at these sort of places, I’m sort of blown away and in this case I was ready for it.”

Ready or not, the fanaticism can be contagious. “Certainly there is a major geek within me, actually, just kind of right on the surface,” laughed Scarlett Johansson, who wore exotic Christian Louboutin heels she called her “super-hero booties” while promoting Iron Man 2. “I have never experienced anything like this before, two weeks after filming has wrapped. It’s exciting to be a part of something that kind of has this built-in fan base that’s got this electricity around it.”

Cameron Diaz meanwhile got to mix and mingle with the crowd while promoting her horror film The Box. “My favorite part so far has been the signing of all the posters for the fans that came through,” Diaz told PEOPLE. “Everyone is so kind and so generous. It’s nice to be around people who are really positive and excited about the filmmaking process.”

Kristen Bell – a Comic-Con favorite thanks to her geek-chic roles in Heroes and the film Fanboys – agrees! “There are so many cool people here,” she said. “I mean, Johnny Depp was here, the whole cast of Twilight, who are like The Beatles. You can’t even think when they come in the room!”

Adds Bell, “I think the actual sort of pop culture Los Angeles is starting to catch on about how important Comic-Con is and how these are the opinionated audience members. “They’ll say their opinions no matter what they are.”

“When these fans find something they love they really stick with it through and through,” Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt told PEOPLE. “They remember more about the show than we do. They’re like ‘Do you remember that one episode where you brushed your teeth and it was with Colgate and the green toothbrush and your hair was up?’ And you’re like, ‘Um, no, but thank you!’ They’re very passionate and I love that.”

Costume Party

First timer Audrina Patridge says she loves the fans who don constumes. “I first heard about Comic-Con from watching Entourage a couple of years ago but I’ve never been,” Patridge said of her trip to San Diego to tell fans about her latest acting gig in Sorority Row. “I mean, there are so many comic fans and people dressing up on the street!”

“I just love that there are so many people in costumes,” agreed Zombieland‘s Emma Stone. “I haven’t been on the floor yet. I’ve just seen them walking around. I haven’t gotten to see the true diehards yet. I can’t wait to see all the homemade costumes.”

Some of the ladies are even considering joining the fans in costume and checking out the scene incognito. Patridge wants to go undercover as Star Wars‘ Princess Leia, while Bell would love to be Chewbacca – even though she may be a bit height-challenged to become a Wookiee. “Maybe I could just have a hole in the bellybutton that I could see out of,” she laughed. “I could make it work.”

“I would be Wonder Woman!” exclaimed Hewitt, while Stone mulled over an equally sexy alter ego: “Jessica Rabbit? Would that be crazy? I think that would be a little too crazy for the Comic-Con floor.”

But maybe the costume isn’t the key. A year ago self-proclaimed nerd Megan Fox wandered through the convention center without any disguise, simply wearing jeans and a Star Wars T-shirt and went “totally” unrecognized. Could she pull it off again? “If I was dressed like that and I kept my head down, sure, because I’m so short, people don’t notice,” Fox told PEOPLE.
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