Singer Jessica Simpson tied the knot Saturday with 98 Degrees boy-band member Nick Lachey in a ceremony in Austin, Texas, that had guests ducking rain showers that plagued the area all week.

The teen-pop bride and groom — who once teamed up for a duet called “Where You Are” — met in 1998 at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Los Angeles and “something just clicked,” Simpson once told Teen People magazine.

After a six-month separation, Simpson, 22, and Lachey, 28, patched things up and got engaged in Hawaii last year, shortly before Valentine’s Day. They credited the dramatic events of Sept. 11 with reuniting them, she said on her Web site.

“Nick Lachey asked me to marry him in a very romantic way and I said yeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!” she stated breathlessly on the site. “He had been patiently waiting for me to grow up a little (which I needed). And I did! Now my life feels so perfect.”

In an interview with last month, Lachey said: “It’s just something that, you know, was definitely the right time and the right thing to do. You know, we’ve grown a lot together and separately, and I don’t think there’s a doubt in either of our minds that it’s the right thing to do — the right timing and everything.”