Lacey Chabert's Wedding Day Was 'Perfect Chaos'

The actress says her big day was wonderful, despite some last minute snags

Photo: Splash News Online

Six months ago, without much ado, a Party of Five alum became a party of two – Lacey Chabert married longtime boyfriend David Nehdar.

“I didn’t want it to feel like an event,” Chabert tells PEOPLE of her under-the-radar nuptials in late December of last year.

“I wanted it to be personal. He’s not in the business and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers. So we try to keep it as personal and private as possible.”

The Mean Girls star, 31, says although there were a few snafus, her big day was still just right.

“It was perfect chaos,” Chabert said while attending the 11th Annual Inspiration Awards benefiting Step Up in Beverly Hills. “I was in the middle of shooting a movie, and we planned the entire thing in about six weeks. The caterer quit two days before, my sisters’ dresses didn’t arrive and one of my shoes broke – crazy stuff like that. It was just nuts, but it was perfect at the same time.”

Despite the last-minute scrambling, the actress, who stars in the upcoming Hallmark movie The Color of Rain, says she won’t look back on her wedding day and think of the things that went wrong.

“None of the stuff that you worried about mattering actually mattered in the end,” Chabert said with a smile. “I think the highlight was having my dad walk me down the aisle. He’s been really sick, and I just know that’s a moment that I will treasure forever.”

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