June 18, 1998 12:00 AM

“Sense and Sensibility” director Ang Lee’s fanciful new romance, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was named the best film of 2000 by Los Angeles film critics this weekend. “Wonder Boys” star Michael Douglas was best actor. (Robert Downey Jr., who costars, was loudly acclaimed when the film came out, but those raves have yet to translate into any prizes for the performer, who is scheduled for arraignment on Dec. 27 stemming from a Nov. 25 arrest on drug charges.) Julia Roberts, as actress, and Steven Soderbergh, as director, were also cited by the West Coast critics for their “Erin Brockovich.” Other picks included Willem Dafoe as best supporting actor in “Shadow of the Vampire” and Frances McDormand as best supporting actress for both “Almost Famous” and “Wonder Boys.” Further to the subject of “Crouching Dragon,” its star, Michelle Yeoh, 38, told Newsweek that flying for her role was no piece of angel-food cake. “It feels like you’re holding up 80 pounds,” she said. “When I’m running up a wall, if I don’t turn the moment I feel slack on the wire, I get yanked and crash into a wall. It’s happened a few times.”

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