The Closer star and husband Kevin Bacon were hurt but not wiped out, she says

By Xiomara Martinez-White
Updated June 11, 2009 07:00 AM
Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty

Kyra Sedgwick wishes to set the record straight about her family’s finances after she and husband Kevin Bacon were caught up in the scandal created by notorious Ponzi scheme-operator Bernard Madoff.

Sedgwick, 43, star of TV’s The Closer, says she and Bacon were damaged – but not “destroyed” – after losing money they had invested with Madoff, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to defrauding clients of billions of dollars. He is due to be sentenced June 16.

“We lost hard-earned money that we worked very hard for that we thought [was] in a safe place,” says the actress, the Associated Press reports. “It’s painful but a lot of people lost a lot more.”

Sedgwick said the loss left her feeling vulnerable, but that she remains positive despite the situation: “We have a lot of things to be grateful for in our life, and we never ever forget that.”

And it hasn’t destroyed her sense of humor, either. “I think the interesting thing about it was that I always thought, ‘We’re so boring. We should be in the tabloids more. C’mon honey, let’s have a scandal,’ ” she jokes.
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