Kyra Sedgwick on Chace Crawford: 'He Has Big Shoes to Fill'

The Closer stars lets loose on the Gossip guy's doing her husband's Footloose role

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Although Kyra Sedgwick puts in many hours on the set of The Closer, she, husband Kevin Bacon and daughter Sosie Bacon, 17, enjoy quality time together as often as possible. “I get to be home and spend the weekend with my daughter and husband – I need them!” Sedgwick told PEOPLE at a New York City event announcing Tropicana’s Trop50 partnership with BlogHer, an online community for women.

But unlike most families, chatting about the movies can get very personal among the three. One recent topic of discussion? The casting of Kevin’s signature role of Ren McCormack in the remake of 1984’s Footloose. “It’s that Chace Crawford guy, right?” says Sedgwick. “We’re thrilled! Sosie is a big fan. We met him at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Kevin and he had a chat. He’s very sweet.”

Ever loyal to her husband, Sedgwick adds, “He has big shoes to fill!”

As for her involvement with BlogHer, Sedgwick – whose The Closer returns to TNT for its fifth season June 8 – is about to do a Webisode for the site called “The Juice,” where she talks about sustainability, the environment and balancing career and home. “The entitlement thing? Boys come out of the womb entitled because it’s a man’s world,” she says. “Women have a really hard time with it.”

Case in point: Even Sedgwick found it tough to request extra vacation days from her TV series. “It was a hard thing to ask for,” she says, “whereas if it was a man it wouldn’t have been a big drama. For me, it was, ‘Is this an okay thing to do, they all count on me, what are they going to do without me?’ It was all a little grandiose. But it was hard to ask for what I needed, but everyone benefits when the woman in the family gets what she needs.”

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