Kylie Jenner Gets New Body Art by Tattoo Artist Bang Bang – Then She Returns the Favor By Inking Him

Jenner is sporting a new, permanent accessory

Photo: Courtesy Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has a new tattoo!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took some time out of her trip to New York – where Caitlyn Jenner accepted an award for Woman of The Year – and got some new body art.

“My newest victim, Kylie Jenner,” her tattoo artist Bang Bang wrote alongside a photo of the two.

Jenner, 18, has not shared a clear photo of her new ink yet, but in a video posted to her Snapchat, the tattoo appears to be small text on one of her hips.

While many 18-year-olds have tattoos, most don’t get to return the favor and tattoo their artist afterwards. In follow-up videos, Jenner takes on the role as inkmaster and tattoos a small crown over the letter k on her artist’s leg.

The tattoo is one of many small pieces of body art Jenner has added over the course of the last few months. Her others include new ear piercings, a nipple piercing and a small heart-shaped tattoo on her arm.

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