The Most Epic Gifts That Tyga Has Ever Given Kylie Jenner

Money can't buy love – but it can buy Tyga plenty of over-the-top ways to express that love

Photo: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Boyfriends of the world, you’re officially going to need to step your game up.

Now that Tyga has officially found a way to top the headline-grabbing Ferrari that he gave Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday last year (we’ll get there), let’s take a look back at all of the over-the-top, totally epic gifts he’s given the birthday girl (she turns 19 today!) over the course of their relationship.

A Mercedes-Benz Maybach

Tyga clearly couldn’t wait to celebrate Kylie’s birthday on her actual birthday: On Saturday, he gifted her with a shiny, new Mercedes-Benz, which Kylie described as “almost too boss for me” on Snapchat.

The rapper also filmed Kylie’s shocked reaction when she found out the new set of wheels, which starts at $189,000, was her birthday gift this year – and that is a gift to all of us.

A Ferrari 482 Italia

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Tyga has surprised Kylie with a car. Who could forget the $320,000 white convertible that Tyga gifted Kylie outside of her 18th birthday party last year?

Not us, that’s for sure.

A Diamond Ring

Kylie sent fans everywhere into a frenzy when she Snapped herself wearing this gigantic, glittering diamond ring in July 2016. Despite the buzz, however, it wasn’t an engagement ring, but rather just one more PDA moment (that is, pricey display of affection).

Another (even bigger) Diamond Ring

Of course, July wasn’t the first time that one of Tyga’s gifts inspired engagement rumors: After Kylie revealed that she had recieved this “extra special gift from a special someone” for Christmas 2015, she quickly made sure to clarify on her app that she was “not engaged.”

A Diamond Rolex (maybe)

Okay, so we don’t know for sure that Tyga bought Kylie this watch, which she recieved as a graduation present in July 2015, but he was spotted carrying a bag from Polacheck’s Jewelers in Calabasas, California, before her party. The store sells Rolex watches and a variety of other jewelry, so it’s possible some of Jenner’s new bling (she also got what looked like a white gold Cartier nail bracelet for the milestone) was a present from her man.

A Tattoo of Her Name

Fans first got a glimpse of the tattoo — which features Kylie’s name on the rapper’s elbow — in April 2015, thanks to a post on Tyga’s Instagram.

A few days later, we got to see the artwork in all of its glory, when Tyga showed it off in a picture with a fan.

And here we were, thinking that getting flowers and chocolates from our boyfriends was a big deal.

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