Minogue says that, after beating cancer, she hasn't gotten her stamina back

Singer Kylie Minogue says that, although she’s beaten breast cancer and is looking forward to getting back onstage, she still lacks energy.

“I’ve never been in this situation before where I have to start from the beginning,” Minogue told Britain’s Sky One TV in an interview that aired Sunday night. “I don’t have strength, I don’t have stamina, I don’t have everything that I took for granted before. So really I’ve got a mountain to climb, but I don’t fancy hanging around at the bottom of the mountain.”

Minogue, 38, who was diagnosed with cancer in May 2005, announced Monday that she will perform in her adopted homeland of Britain in January. She’d already revealed plans to tour in her native Australia in November and December.

“I had letters, gorgeous little letters from children, (saying) ‘We don’t want doctors to put needles in you,’ ” she told Sky One TV. “And from women who have been through breast cancer, from women who were diagnosed after my diagnosis.”

After the news of her illness became public last year, more women reportedly sought medical advice – a phenomenon dubbed “the Kylie effect.” “I had people already whose lives were potentially saved just by becoming more aware,” Minogue said. “I’m not here to scare people at all. It’s just that it just happens, so be aware.”

Minogue also talked about losing her hair while undergoing chemotherapy. When it first began to fall out, “(I) just buzz cut the whole thing,” she said. “I’m used to having different looks, (and) figured out the way to do my scarf. But when it starts to grow back, it’s so thrilling.”