Commence freakout

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated August 03, 2015 02:05 PM

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

It’s been four years since Friday Night Lights went off the air, and four years since we’ve last heard the inspiring Dillon Panthers chant on our TV screens (that is, if you don’t include the endless hours of binge-watching marathons).

While there haven’t been talks of a reboot, the show did make a triumphant return on Friday – albeit in a different form. Kyle Chandler, currently up for an Emmy for his performance in Netflix’s Bloodline, reprised his FNL role as Coach Eric Taylor in a PSA aimed at motivating moviegoers to turn off their phones at the theater.

The PSA, currently making the rounds at different Alamo Drafthouse Cinema theater chains, shows the Dillon Panthers coach in the midst of delivering a stimulating pep talk.

“Listen up: This is it,” he begins. “This is what we’ve all worked for I want you to know that your friends and your family are going to be watching every second.”

Instead of being greeted by a pack of eager football players, the coach is met with a group of people who would rather text, call and take photos than listen to his heartfelt words.

“How am I supposed to give my inspirational speech here when you’re talking and you’re texting?” says a fed-up Taylor before he looks directly into the camera and orders everyone to “Turn your goddamn cell phones off!”

Coach Taylor, we’ll do it for you.