The Sex and the City star is open to adoption – or finding a suitable man

Is Kristin Davis’s next role going to be real-life mom? Not unlike her Sex in the City character Charlotte, she’s open to having kids by any means possible.

“I would love to have children,” the single actress, 43, tells Health magazine in its June issue.

“I would love to adopt. And I would still like to find a man and have a baby with him.”

As she says, “I haven’t given up.”

In term of a role model, Davis tells the magazine that actress and mother (soon of six) Angelina Jolie, 32, is an inspiration.

Still, if there’s one downside to the fame she gained from Sex in the City, it’s that fans often confuse Davis, a self-admitted recovering alcoholic, with Charlotte.

“I get sent many a Cosmo!” Davis says of the vodka cocktail popularized by the show. “I never drink them … Why risk it?”