Kristin Davis Fights to Stop Elephant Poachers

Photo: Paul Redmond/FilmMagic

Having loved elephants ever since she was a young girl, Kristin Davis is working closely with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help raise awareness about the preservation of endangered species such as elephants.

“The amount of death and torturous situations (David Sheldrick employees in Africa) see these animals go through is just overwhelming,” Davis tells PEOPLE. “Elephants have no predators except for human beings. People need to understand what we’re doing to the world.”

For her philanthropic work with animals, Davis, 50, will be honored at the 2015 Environmental Media Awards on Oct. 24 and is a little nervous about accepting her award.

“I am deathly afraid of speaking in public, but for the elephants, I’m always thrilled to represent them,” the Sex and the City star says. “My whole goal is to be able to tell the story of what’s happening to them and the story of all these people who are literally risking their lives every day to protect them.”

Davis, who first became aware of the poaching crisis in 2009, has also decided to take things one step further by creating a documentary called Gardeners of Eden.

“I thought it would be so great to make a short film that shows the poaching crisis and what the trust was doing,” Davis said. “I wanted to illuminate what was going on.”

Davis, who is mother to 4-year-old Gemma Rose, hopes that by fighting for what she believes in she can make a difference and set a good example for her daughter.

“Everyone needs to be an activist right now because we’re at a tipping point in the world where it could go either way,” says Davis who adds she would like to include her daughter in the work she is doing.

“I think I’m going to take her (to Kenya) within the next year,” says Davis. “I want to raise her to be aware of what’s going on in the world.”

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