Manscaping, stage giggles, Saturday Night Live, and more from the actress' Reddit AMA

By Michael Miller
Updated February 02, 2015 07:45 PM
Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty

If any men out there are looking for a manscaping consultant, Kristin Chenoweth is the person to call.

The Wicked star participated in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit Monday and revealed her secret talent for sculpting male body hair – amongst other things.

Here are the top 5 things we learned from the actress’s interview:

1. She’s an Expert Manscaper
“I’m very good at ‘manscaping,’ ” Chenoweth replied when asked to name one strange and unique talent she possesses. “I manscaped most of my ex-boyfriends,” the actress confessed. Chenoweth also noted that her specialty is plucking eyebrows (men and women’s), and bedazzling, which she does by hand.

2. She Once Got an Uncontrollable Case of the Giggles on Stage.
When asked to name the craziest thing that happened on the set of Wicked, Chenoweth remembered a time when the bright stage lights accidentally shown on the audience: “So about 20 people were in a spotlight, and they were VERY uncomfortable. So seeing them be uncomfortable, made me laugh SO HARD.” Fortunately, she says she wasn’t alone, “Everybody on stage was laughing so hard too … not professional.”

3. She Would Love to Be Cast in the New Wicked Movie
While Chenoweth received a Tony nomination for her portrayal of Wicked‘s Glinda on Broadway, she was not tapped to reprise the role in the screen adaption. “I mean of course i’d love to be involved,” she said of the film. “I’d be interested in [playing] Madame Morrible at this point.” But the actress said she has no hard feelings about not being involved: “It gives a bigger audience a chance to see the show, and that makes me happy, whether I’m involved or not.”

4. She Hates Her Voice
Chenoweth is easily identifiable by her unique voice, but the actress admits she can hardly stand listening to herself. “It’s incredibly difficult for me to hear myself on a recording, speaking,” she said, adding “I feel like I sound like a bug too. I feel like a combination of Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, and a 5 year old.” But while the actress believes her sound has “mostly been a blessing” in her singing career, she knows some professions are off limits: “I’m never going to be a sex call operator. It’s never going to happen.”

5. She’s Dying to Host SNL
“It’s no secret that I’ve been wanting to host that for years,” the actress says of the venerable live-sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Amazingly, Chenoweth admits she’s “never been asked.” As for her all-time favorite cast member, Chenoweth says Molly Shannon is her number one pick.