Kristin Cavallari Says She Shot John Mayer Down

The Hills actress "didn't want to become another notch on his belt"

Photo: Tsuni/Gamma; Byron Purvis/AdMedia

Put the old rumors to rest, finally: Kristin Cavallari definitely isn’t dating John Mayer.

In fact, Cavallari – who says she met the singer once for five minutes – now says Mayer asked her out, but that she shot him down.

“I didn’t want to be another notch on his belt,” Cavallari, 22, told Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM Tuesday.

And, speaking of Patridge, the antipathy you see between her and Cavallari is all real.

“I get along with everybody except for Audrina,” Cavallari says, hinting that the animosity might have stemmed from the time she’s spent with an ex-boyfriend of Patridge’s. “I don’t not like Audrina. I don’t think she likes me.”

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Patridge being the bad girl on set is a far cry from public perceptions, where Cavallari is typically seen as the scheming troublemaker. She says that image used to hurt – and she even broke down in tears the first time she watched her own appearance on Laguna Beach when it premiered on MTV in 2004.

“I was really upset they portrayed me the way they did,” she says.

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