A Denver reporter attempted to interview the comedy stars about their new movie, The Skeleton Twins – with hilarious results


Let KWGN Denver reporter Chris Parente serve as a reminder to us all: Do your homework.

When interviewing Saturday Night Live alums Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader about their new indie comedy The Skeleton Twins, Parente made it increasingly obvious that he hadn’t actually seen the film. For starters, it didn’t actually play at the Toronto International Film Festival, but hey – that’s an easy mistake.

However, Parente then goes on to mention that the film features Muppets, someone winning the lottery, and Wiig going full-frontal. The film does not have anything close to these plot points, making one wonder if Parente’s briefing was the result of a research intern having a bad day.

Wiig and Hader’s reaction faces are pretty priceless, and the actors ultimately have a great laugh about it. Hader even mock-corrects Parente, “I’m nude in this movie. And I’m upside-down the whole film. The movie takes place on Mars.”

In fact, the stars react so well that maybe the lesson should be “If you don’t do your homework, make sure your interview subjects are as cool as Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, because at least the video will go viral.”

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