PEOPLE Twi-hards debate over whether Pattinson and Stewart should split

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It’s the question that Twilight fans have been asking since news broke that Kristen Stewart had cheated on Robert Pattinson: Will he stay or will he go?

PEOPLE staffers – with die-hard Twi-hards among us – debated whether Robsten should persevere in the face of Stewart’s indiscretion or split and move on. Note: No blood was drawn in the writing of this story.

First to take the floor, Team Robsten

Team Robsten Point #1: She’s young
The 20s are a time to make mistakes. Granted, yes, hooking up with a married man is less a “mistake,” and more an “epic fail.” But, still, Kristen is only 22; the age when people are supposed to fumble and learn from their shortcomings. When love and lust tend to be confused. When college graduates realize a degree in puppeteering (yes, it’s a real degree) may not have been a wise decision in today’s job market. In other words, Kristen is still growing up and there’s no doubt she’s learning from her lapse in relationship judgment.

Team Breakup Counterpoint #1: They’re both young
Sure, vampires can make it work for an eternity. They’re also perma-gorgeous and can weather hundreds of years without so much as a single frown line. (Twilight is in the fantasy section for a reason.) Mere mortals – especially the young, rising-star variety – face steep odds when it comes to settling down so soon. Which is why the idea of long-term Mr.-and-Mrs. domesticity doesn’t make sense for two twenty-somethings navigating life and love under the glare of the spotlight. Yes, Rob and Kristen made a cute married couple onscreen in Breaking Dawn: Part 1. They also drank blood. Sometimes life doesn’t – and shouldn’t! – imitate art.

Team Robsten Point #2: She issued that heartfelt apology
In the pantheon of Hollywood public apologies, Kristen issued the mother of all mea culpas. Not only did she fess up to the hook up within 24 hours; the fiercely private and often stuttering star articulately expressed how “deeply sorry” she is. Bonus: She admits how much she loves Rob (twice!). It was heartfelt, emotional and real.

Team Breakup Counterpoint #2: Too little, too late
True, Kristen apologized. But this was a serious betrayal. And, stunning as it was to hear her finally express her love for Rob, her public discomfort in doing so until now has been excruciating to watch. Was she happy in this relationship? Was she miserable? It was impossible to tell by her awkward red carpet appearances and interviews. Most of the time she looked like she was sucking on a Sour Patch Kid while wishing she could crawl out of her own skin. Not exactly the stuff of happy endings.

Team Robsten Point #3: It’s not weak to forgive
Staying with Kristen doesn’t mean Rob is a pushover. There have been plenty of couples who have worked through some crazy scandals thanks to a grand act of forgiveness: Hillary and Bill Clinton. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Silda and Eliot Spitzer. And, hello? Edward forgave Bella for kissing Jacob. If there’s one thing the Twilight saga (and, evidently, politicians) has taught us is that love can conquer all – from centuries old Volturi who threaten to take your half-human-half-vampire daughter to public betrayals that leave both parties damaged, but not necessarily irreparable.

Team Breakup Counterpoint #3: It’s over – and it should be
Plenty of people can relate to the stress of having to see an ex after a heartbreaking split. Few can imagine doing so while the world watches – and live blogs every blink, every stammer, every pregnant pause. There’s no doubt the promotional tour for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has the potential to be the most hyper-scrutinized in history. But Kristen and Rob staying together for appearances’ sake, or to avoid crushing the souls of Twihards around the world? Not right. And who knows? A breakup might inspire Twilight author Stephenie Meyer to revisit the franchise. A single Edward – remember him, the original Christian Grey? – is a delicious prospect indeed. So is a single Pattinson. (Twi-moms, start your engines.)

What do you think should become of Robsten? Should Rob give Kristen another chance? Or are they done for good? Tell us your thoughts in comments below!