10 Best Celeb Quotes This Week

Harrison Ford informs Chewy there's a new Wookiee in town, plus more from Kristen Stewart, George Clooney and other stars

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Randy Holmes/ABC

"Daniel Craig is my Wookiee b---h now!"
Harrison Ford, rubbing his new Cowboys amp Aliens bromance in the face of his former Star Wars sidekick Chewbacca, in a parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

See Ford and Chewy's rocky reunion at EW.com

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Rachel North/WENN

"Like two seconds."
Crystal Harris, on her single sexual encounter with 85-year-old Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (who refutes his ex-fiancée's claims), on Sirius XM Radio's Howard Stern Show

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Jason Merritt/Getty

"He can move his hips better than I will ever dream."
Kristen Stewart, revealing Breaking Dawn costar Taylor Lautner's secret talent, at San Diego Comic-Con

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John Spellman/Retna

"At 7 o'clock at night, my wife and I are in pajamas: anything super comfortable and generally very ugly."
Steve Carell, comparing his suave Crazy, Stupid, Love wardrobe to his more casual off-screen style, to PEOPLE

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Courtesy Jenny McCarthy

"For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy here is a photo I found! Meaty meaty a--! Whoa!"
Jenny McCarthy, Tweeting a photo from 2002 of her pregnant with son Evan

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Michael Reynolds/EPA/Landov

"Republicans hate the beginning of the movie, the Democrats hate the end. So we're good."
George Clooney, gaining bipartisan approval for his new political drama The Ides of March, to USA Today

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Ray Tamarra/Getty

"The casting director said, 'Oh my god, you're just perfect.' I was really excited for a moment, then it dawned on me: 'I just nailed the d-bag character.'"
Josh Groban, who plays Emma Stone's offensive boyfriend in Crazy, Stupid, Love, to GQ

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Janet Gough/Celebrity Photo

"Maybe it should be weird, simulating sex with your husband in front of people? But it's really not."
Anna Paquin, on sharing steamy scenes with her True Blood costar and real-life husband Stephen Moyer, to V Magazine

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Albert Michael/Startraks

"She's not a movie star, she's not a pop star, she's a reality star that everyone's obsessed with and everyone wants to see."
Kim Kardashian's publicist friend Jonathan Cheban, who says the bride-to-be's wedding will be "over the top," to PEOPLE

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Ken Babolcsay/IPOL/Globe

"We think they've placed a no-sex hex on the house."
– Newly single Olivia Wilde, who believes her current home is haunted by its former owners, the Jonas Brothers, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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