Villanova Hero Who Won NCAA Championship Scored Buzzer-Beater Against His Own Brother: Inside Their Rival Relationship

"I think every shot's going in," Kris Jenkins said in an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday

Photo: AP

When Villanova forward Kris Jenkins hit the incredible buzzer-beater to clinch the NCAA championship over North Carolina, one member of his family wasn’t so happy: his own brother, Tar Heels guard Nate Britt.

“You could see it happening,” Britt told USA Today of his brother’s shot. “When I saw him trailing, I knew he was getting the ball and would probably knock it down.”

And “knock it down” he did.

The fraternal face-off put the family in a difficult position. Mom Melody split the difference by sporting a custom shirt with Britt’s Tar Heels jersey on the front and Jenikin’s Villanova jersey on the back.

Jenkins and Britt have lived together since they were both 11 years old, when Britt’s family adopted Jenkins, ABC News reports. The two first met during a basketball tournament in Florida and Jenkins spent the summer in Maryland with Britt’s family to play on an AAU basketball team.

Jenkins’s mother moved to South Carolina, but didn’t think that would be the best place for her son. So, Jenkins stayed with the Britts. They became his legal guardians in 2007.

Britt admits that his brother’s stunning shot, which stole a national championship from North Carolina, hurt. But he’s trying to keep it in perspective.

“I’m going to be happy for him for that, but at the same time this hurt,” he told USA Today. “Villanova had a great game, but for him to hit the shot, bragging rights probably for the rest of our lives. For him to close the deal like that makes it hurt a little bit more.”

Britt said he congratulated his brother after the game and the two embraced.

“He said he loved me and we’ll be back next season. Obviously right now it hurts more than anything. Both of us wanted to win this game and he came out on top. I am happy for him and happy he hit the shot to win the game, but this hurts more than anything.”

There were less than five seconds left with the score tied 74-74 when Jenkins, a Villanova junior, made the three-pointer from way behind the arc.

“I believe every shot’s going in,” Jenkins told the Associated Press just after the game, and echoed the statement to Good Morning America on Tuesday.

“Nobody, really understood the hard work and dedication it took from my family, both of my families,” he said. “It was great to share this moment with them.”

Jenkins told GMA Tuesday morning that he still hasn’t slept yet.

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