Kramer Comes Back

And the winner in the unofficial race to become the first member of the “Seinfeld” cast to star in a new television series is . . . Michael Richards! (His “Seinfeld” co-star Jason Alexander is heard, but not seen, in UPN’s “Dilbert” cartoon.) Variety reports that in a major development deal for NBC, Richards, who played the wild-haired sidekick Cosmo Kramer, will reunite with a trio of former “Seinfeld” writers and producers to create a new sitcom that is being prepared to debut at mid-season. Richards won’t reprise his Kramer role. Instead, he’ll play a bumbling Peter Sellers-esque detective (as in the “Pink Panther” movies). “It’s unclear if NBC’s agreement calls for any time slot guarantees,” says Variety, “but a Tuesday or Thursday 9:30 p.m. berth would be logical, particularly considering the weak start of NBC’s new Tuesday sitcom ‘The Mike O’Malley Show.’ “

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