January 31, 2003 04:44 PM

“Joe Millionaire” finalist Sarah Kozer, exposed earlier this week for having had appeared — fully clothed, but moaning and groaning just the same — in bondage and foot-fetish videos, is now speaking out about her feelings on the matter.

Speaking to New York’s Daily News from her Los Angeles home, the comely Kozer, 29, said: “I’ll stand by anything I have ever done. My checkpoint living in L.A. as a young woman for the last few years has been … I would never do anything that I wouldn’t call and tell my mother about.”

While her mother may have known, her father, Fred, didn’t when the Daily News spoke to him this week.

Under the name “Cindy Schubert,” Kozer appeared in such bondage films as “Novices in Knots,” “Hogtied,” “Helpless Heroines” and the foot-fetish adventures “Teasing with Toes!” and “Dirty Soled Dolls,” as was first revealed by the Smoking Gun Web site.

In promos for “Millionaire,” in which Kozer was one of a bevy of beauties competing for the heart of phony heir Evan Marriott, 28 (whose own background includes stripping down for an underwear catalogue), FOX TV described Kozer as being in “sales and design.”

Taking her image-repair campaign further, Kozer told TV’s “Access Hollywood,” “I’m not embarrassed at all. People are going to see what it is and what it isn’t … I don’t have a fetish for any of those things.”

She also repeated the phrase, “You know, I stand behind what I’ve done.”

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