Kardashian and Disick are watching pregnancy videos and planning the nursery's decor

By David Caplan
Updated August 20, 2009 02:55 PM
Seth Browarnik/Startraks

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are busily getting ready for their first child‘s arrival by stocking up on baby clothes and studying parenting and pregnancy.

The Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami star, 30, says she “hasn’t bought a lot yet,” but admits she started shopping for baby items before she publicly announced she’s expecting.

“Scott and I went to Barney’s and I said to the guy, ‘I need a baby gift,’ and I bought a cute little cashmere hat,” she tells PEOPLE. “Then we went to Planet Blue [in L.A.], and I was like, ‘I need a little cute something cute,’ so we picked up some baby shoes.”

Kardashian is also beginning to receive gifts from her family. “Kim got me like a huge basket filled with stuff. She was so excited. And she and Khloe got me some stuff in Africa when they were there. My mom got me an Hermes blanket that I was dying for!”

Kardashian and her entrepreneur boyfriend, 26, are also studying up on pregnancy. “We watch these videos together on some random Web site I found called healthguru.com,” she says. “They have videos which tell you what to expect, like the size of the baby at different stages, what the baby is doing inside. They’re cool. Neither of us have read a book, but we’re going to.”

The couple aren’t the only ones doing research. Disick’s mom scours magazines for pregnancy-related stories and passes the information along to the expectant parents.

A Stylish Nursery

As for the nursery, which will be sister Khloe’s old room (she moved out recently), Kardashian says, “I haven’t done one thing for the room, except look online at a million pictures,” she says. “But I’m also kind of waiting until I can find a decorator. I just want to work with someone and make it perfect. I have a stylish vision of a room in my head.”

And an over-the-top baby shower seems inevitable, since eccentric mom Kris Jenner may be in charge. “I’m sure my mom has probably planned this her entire life,” Kardashian quips.

Disick, meanwhile, is preparing for their baby’s arrival by getting in touch with his child-to-be. “At nighttime, I’ll make Scott put his hand on my stomach and feel it,” says Kardashian. “Every time he leaves me he kisses my stomach and says goodbye to the baby and talks to it. It’s so cute.”