Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest and wisest of the Kardashian sisters, turns 37 today

By Laura Cohen
Updated April 18, 2016 02:20 PM

Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest and wisest of the Kardashian sisters, turns 37 today – and if her recent experiences are any indication, this next year will continue her reign of greatness.

1. She’s heading into her 12th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

2. She has a thing with Justin Bieber.

Multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE last year that Kourtney was hooking up with the Biebs, and it appears things are still hot as a source says the pair have been “hooking up on and off for a few months now.” We’ll leave it at that.

3. She has been totally dedicated to her workouts.

4. And has some pretty cool workout buddies.

5. Which results in a bod like this.

6. She joined Snapchat.

Kourtney’s not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

7. And has really mastered those interesting angles.

8. She’s also mastered the belfie.

Butt + selfie = belfie.

9. (More than once)

10. Her holidays look like this.

11. And her home looks like this.

And was featured in Architectural Digest, no less!

12. She parties like a ~boss~

13. And she’s a total jet-setter.

14. She does stuff like this on vacation.

15. And she also ventures off to Montana sometimes.

16. And St. Barts, as a Kardashian does.

17. She gets all the Kylie Lip Kits.

18. She’s pretty good at basketball.

In a bikini, just because.

19. She single-handedly changed the human experience of eating a Kit Kat.

20. She enjoys art.

21. She chills on fur-covered chairs.

22. She hangs with her college friends.

23. And a model squad.

24. She has the most adorable children.

25. Who pretty much owned Halloween.

26. And also make great cuddle buddies.

27. She wakes up like this.

28. And has a glam squad on call.

29. For her secret photo shoots, obviously.

30. And the impromptu kind.

31. She takes selfies in lingerie.

32. And seems to have a wind machine on hand at all times, too.

33. She’s teaching the world about the #Triplegram.

The #triplegram: A series of three photos that designers, artists and stars use to create a visual narrative on their feed – and Kourtney is all about the three-peat.

34. She wears custom clothing, like this.

35. And she’s making mom jeans cool again.

36. Plus, she can rock menswear better than any guy can.

37. Well, she can actually rock anything, especially this gold suit.

Here’s to your 37th year, Kourt!